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Vandana Shiva

Spotlight on Women in Science

Debate has been raging about the role of women in the sciences for hundreds of years, and the debate has picked up speed in the past decades. Some believe that… Read more »

Book cover Physics for Future

Physics of Future: Kaku Spins a Tale on how Science Will Shape our Destiny

“Truth is stranger than fiction.” The adage has never been so compelling and believable. It’s an absolute joy to flip through the pages and appreciate the mind-bending potential of the… Read more »

IIT-Kharagpur, Department of Computer Science

Mr Murthy, Don’t Blame IIT System, Blame our Govt & Domestic Industry

I still remember the first day when I arrived at the Computer Science department in IIT-Kharagpur for my first class of the session as early as 7.15 in the morning…. Read more »