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Pratidin newspaper

Is Mamata’s Bengal Trying to Muzzle Free Media?

How many newspapers does Mamata Banerjee read? While uncharitable skeptics might raise an eyebrow at the question and brush it aside with a one-word, “none”, the number can now safely… Read more »

Parliament of India

Of the Railway Budget Farce: Is the Indian Democracy Working?

All hell broke loose after the Railway Budget for 2012-13 was presented by Dinesh Trivedi. The Trinamool Congress supremo, Ms Mamata Banerjee, wanted an immediate rollback of the hiked fares…. Read more »

Mamata Banerjee

Railways, Rollbacks and Roy, and a Hue and Cry for Nothing

I recently watched a few of Dinesh Trivedi’s interviews on several new channels. In all of them he was asked the question which everyone wants to know — did Mamata… Read more »

Manmohan Singh

The Rail Budget Farce: Of Mamata, Manush, Melodrama and Manmohan

What could be a perfect foil to the farce that has been playing in our Parliament for some time now? Two railway accidents that killed over 15 people greeted the… Read more »

Mamata Banerjee

In Defence of Mamata: Anti-Campaign on Railway Budget Stand Lacks Depth

At last Dinesh Trivedi resigned as the Railway Minister from the Union Cabinet after few days of brouhaha and Mukul Roy has been sworn in as the new minister. A… Read more »

Derek O'Brien

Question Time for Quizmaster O’Brien: And Will You Walk Off In a Huff?

I was watching the theatrics following the Railway Budget on Wednesday with my eight-your-old when Derek O’Brien appeared on screen. Junior, grown up idolising O’Brien (his feelings cemented when he… Read more »