Buying Refurbished vs New Cell Phones

Refurbished cell phoneDepending on the kind of relationship you share with the technology you use, the notion of buying a refurbished cell phone over a new cell phone can either sidle up to you and keep you warm like a rescue dog on a cold night or it can really go down sideways. Refurbished cell phones, not the vintage models of course, can come with their own appeal. That appeal, however, doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

Most of the cell phones that are sold today come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee that ensures that any remorseful buyer will be able to get his money refunded to him if he changes his mind within that window. While this policy certainly encourages more would-be buyers to leap out and take the step of becoming actual buyers, it also has the side effect of sending a good number of cell phones back out into the market that aren’t exactly used but can’t exactly be classified as new either.

These phones are known as refurbished phones. Refurbished phones can be used exactly like new phones. The same providers that offer great mobile broadband deals for new phones will probably have those same deals available to refurbished phones.

Some providers offer plans for unlimited talk, text, and mobile broadband deals, and these are sure to be available as well to any refurbished phone you buy. Here are a few tips on how to know the difference between when you should buy a refurbished phone and when you shouldn’t.

When a refurbished phone is right for you

If you like saving money or saving the planet, a refurbished phone may be right for you. Almost all refurbished phones are considerably cheaper than new cell phones. If you are craving for a device that is almost new yet not as expensive as those that are completely new, look into buying yourself a refurbished phone.

Another great reason to invest in a refurbished phone is the planet. Buying a refurbished phone means that it will end up in your pocket instead of on a festering garbage dump in the middle of what was once a beautiful forest.

You may also be interested in a refurbished phone if you are looking to replace an older cell phone model that you finally got used to right before the poor old thing died. Go ahead and treat yourself by buying the same model at a low, refurbished price.

When a refurbished phone is not right for you

If keeping up with the next-door neighbors is supremely important to you, you may not want to invest in a refurbished phone. That is, of course, unless refurbished phones have suddenly and mysteriously become all the rage.

If you need your phone to be able to hit the ground running with a 100 per cent guaranteed success rate, you may not want to take the risk that buying a refurbished phone could pose. In this case, stick with a new phone.

What to look for in a refurbished phone

Make sure the refurbished phone you are considering buying has been refurbished by a reputable company with good reviews. Only buy from vendors who are willing to disclose their refurbishing process.

Although your refurbished phone may not come with as stellar a warranty as a new phone, it should still come with some kind of guarantee. Make sure that the product you buy is at least covered for a short period of time.

Where to find your refurbished phone

Many wireless providers have a steady stock of refurbished phones that they are constantly trying to unload. Other companies that specialise in refurbished phones include,,,, and Each of these sites has received great reviews and sells generally quality product.

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